Our Crafts

Shokunin: Mastery of one's profession.

Here at OUTSTREAM studio we do not claim to be shokunin but it is what we strive for every day. Every project is a step towards the mastery of our craft.


Branding & Graphic Design

We create entire brands: from logos to the entire feel of your brand or product. We will take your vision and bring it to life.


  • Logos
  • App Design/Prototypes
  • User Testing
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Product Design

We are passionate about the way products look and feel. We know every detail matters and we will never leave one stone unturned.


  • 3D Printing/Prototypes
  • Ideation Sketches
  • 3D Renders
  • UX

Video & Photo

80% of our memories are formed by what we see. So the way your company or product is visually represented is key. Video and photo can help your customer view your product the way you intend.


  • Kickstarter videos/photos
  • Company branding
  • YouTube videos

We love doing new things! 

If you don't see the service you need please contact us and we will make it happen.